Honzuki no Gekokujou 3rd Season

TV Series, 10 Episodes
Apr 12, 2022 - Jun 14, 2022


Winter is approaching, and Myne now an apprentice priestess must prepare for her stay at the church and the upcoming Dedication Ceremony. However, due to her immense knowledge and extraordinary amount of mana, she has garnered the attention of many dangerous people, who are willing to do anything to get their hands on Myne.

To keep her safe, the Head Priest assigns Myne a bodyguard and advises her to be adopted by a noble, a decision that will force her to leave her family behind. As Myne is opposed to the idea, the Head Priest gives her an ultimatum: she can be with her family until she turns 10, but if she is deemed too unstable, she will immediately be dealt with.

Placed in a tough position, Myne is uncertain about her future. Despite the twists that may lie ahead, she will do whatever she can to protect those that she loves even if it means giving up on her dream.

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